Our Process

We work with our clients and guide them every step of the way

Site Visit and Assessment

We identify the best location for installation and discuss available options to meet your specific needs during a site visit and free assessment of your property.

Build System

Once the contract has been signed, we build the solution to suit your needs. We use modular construction so the components can be changed as needed.

Prepare Site

Electric power and broadband Internet is ordered, Poles are erected at the selected locations.

Install & Configure

System is installed and configured onsite by our professional installers. Cameras are adjusted, focused, and thoroughly tested to ensure proper operation.

Monitor Site

We remotely Monitor your site to ensure safety and protection of your assets and staff, notify police in case of a crime and provide a detailed report to you next day.

Maintenance & Support

We conduct frequent tests to make sure all equipment is performing optimally. In case of an issue, we dispatch the technicians to the site and get everything working right away.