Live Monitoring Benefits

Live video monitoring has been a breakthrough in the world of video surveillance.

Prevents Theft and Vandalism

Secure Defence Live Monitoring solution prevents theft, vandalism, and loitering more effectively and is cheaper than having an onsite security guard

Faster Law Enforcement Response

Police can respond quickly to an actual crime in progress

Discount on Insurance Premiums

Most insurance providers offer discounted premiums for monitored systems so in addition to the many safety and security benefits of having a monitored system it can actually help pay for itself

Video Evidence of the Crime

In case on an incident, we provide a next-day detailed report with pictures and video evidence with date and time stamps

Improves Productivity

Having a monitored video surveillance system improves staff and contractor productivity

Reduces Possibility of Fraudulent Liability Claims

Monitored video surveillance system reduces possibility and acts as a deterrent for fraudulent liability claims

Trained professional Staff Handles all Suspicious Activities

our trained security professionals deals with all suspicious activity promptly and professionally

No False Alarms

Statistics have shown that as much as nine out of every 10 calls received by police to attend business premises are due to false alarms. Utilizing live monitoring alarms are manually triggered only when absolutely necessary